Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bumping with the thing called Blogging

Finally! I've registered to my first blog site!
Whew! Thanks to my mentors Ms. Bregie and Ellaine.

I've been hearing this thing called "blogging" a thousand times before in the net and even in T.V. It didn't catch my attention because I thought this was just another uninterested stuff on the internet for teenagers specially the girls since it was associated with "diary". I'm not a diary person so to speak, that's why it didn't grab my curiosity.

Not until my newly acquainted friend Bregie (not her real name - hehe!) mentioned it to me. She related to me that she's been blogging since last year and she's hooked to it since then. I asked her what's in blogging that you're hooked to it? Her answer to my query will be just between the two of us. Not until I will be allowed to reveal it (hehehe!).

I've learned that one of her mentors in blogging was a beautiful and brilliant friend of mine (ahem! I hope she'll not miss this line), back in our Masteral days few years ago. Ellaine, (not her real name too - for protection) as the mentor of Bregie is a computer geek (oops! I hope I got the correct term for that). Anyway, just a few minutes back, Ellaine caught me at YM and convinced me to blog for the same reason Bregie told me :) and since I'm not a "very-hard-to-convince" kind of creation, I gave in to the temptation.

And so, I welcome myself to the World of Blogging!! yahoo! welcome me! (round of applause, whistles! cling clang!! fire works and pyrotechniques for me!!).

Thank you, thank you!

I hope I'll enjoy this thing called "blogging" I still can't believe I'm doing it. Bregie, Ellaine (I know it's not your real names but you know who you are) thank you for convincing me, you know the reason why I am here now battling with my keyboard and all eyes on my computer screen, that will be our best kept secret, ok?

See you around.